13 June 2012

What a day...

Emily woke us up at 4 am, yes, 4!! Needless to say, I was in no mood of going to the gym..Since it is Wednesday we also had our weekly appointment at the Pure Pediatrics..7.45 every Wednesday morning!
Now, I am not sure what I think of it all. The diagnosis is called torticollis and some of the symptoms are tilting of the head to one side and flattening on one side of the skull. We go there, the doc does a few exercises with Emily and then we get some exercises to do at home. Which we sometimes do. The tilt is pretty much gone, and the skull is not so flat anymore so I feel we are pretty much done. And the doc seems to concentrate on E's sitting skills more than anything else. Dr X keeps in saying Emily is ahead of her age, but then I don't understand why we have to go through all those tests to see if she can do this and that.
We have our 6 month check up in 2 weeks so this will be something we'll take up.

After the doc we went to to uhaul to get some boxes. Boxes huh. No handles and they are square. Plus you need to seal them. Poor Emily - there was barely any space for her in the car once I squeezed all the boxes in. Uhaul is a great place. you can rent different sized vans and get all your boxes and moving accessories there. Outside there was lots of people looking for work.

Also popped in to the leasing office on my way to the bank. They will charge us  $ 50 dollars for cleaning the carpets (if needed) and $100 for the apartment when we have moved out. That is great and so cheap! Gone are the days we had to argue with the landlords in Germany. Always a big fight about the deposit. Although the last landlord we had before moving to the US was great. You'd be amazed though, if you knew how they try to keep your pennies.
Walked to Bank of America to drop a check off (!)  I finally got around to apply for a secured credit card (oh yes, things are slow here, after approx. 6 months I will qualify for a normal one..) and got into a lovely food conversation with the cashier who was from Pakistan. She gave me her card in case I needed help with any banking so I won't have to come in.  Now that is good networking! Talking about checks...a few minutes later when I was standing in the queue at Target, the woman in fron of me paid with a check. A CHECK!!!
Hello stone age. I mean, bad a enough they are still around, but in Target!!! You can imagine how long it took until it was processed. All the customer service in the world could not make up for that wait. Why on earth would you pay by check?

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