01 June 2012

Play Time

Inbetween the house hunting we managed to squeeze in a play date at Karin's yesterday. Very nice!. Wish we had a wading pool here. Brought some toys with us but it always seems like all the other kids want to play with them more than her. Which is ok if you know the kids and you get them back...

Both before and after swimming we had more houses to look at. We decided not to take the house in Northpark. Perfect area, but the house was so so. Doubt we will get the one in Woodbury, when our agent phoned the broker & owner (in this case, same person) up, she said she had received six applications and among others, two doctors, one lawyer blah blah.
Never thought I would say this but I do miss German landlords. Sometimes it is a good thing to be picky. Many of the properties have been filthy. Don't think a good scrub would even help.Went to this place in Oak creek this morning. The tenant asked us to take our shoes off, yikes I was thinking, that floor doesn't look too clean. And then I walked through the kitchen and to the bathrooms. You are bothered about my neat flip flops and live like that? I think buying is the way forward in the US. Tenants don't seem to give a damn.
Too add more headache to whole house hunting thing, Irvine company has offered us a 2 bedroom apartment, with two patios, double garage and a lot larger living space. Same complax as now. Tempting. At least Irvine company makes sure everything is nice and clean.

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