28 June 2012


Finally, I got around to go to DMV and take the written part of the driving test. I got 100%!! Oh my, was it busy. Decided to go to Laguna Hills instead of Santa Ana, thought it might be less people and how right was I! Not that it was empty, but they showed the different waiting times per office on a board and Laguna Hills wasn't so bad in comparison. Still took me three hours. And silly me had no time for breakfast this morning and completely forgot I was going to have my photo taken so no make up and wet-ish hair. Doh!

I had a baby sitter for Emily this morning, for the first time! Ohhh I was so nervous, and I have to admit that or two tears may have slipped out while driving off and waving good bye. Was so nervous when I returned after 4 hours...was everything ok? And yes, babs had been sooo good. She was happy to see me, but also quite happy to just keep playing with Mikaela. Phew.

After this hectic morning we deserved some pool time to we went to Karin's and "relaxed" (swimming with babies is anything BUT relaxing) by the pool.

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Desiree said...

Grattis till körkortet. Toppen :-)