03 June 2012

Birthday Party and Hunting..

The never ending story. But now we are getting to see some spectacular houses. Finally!!
After the bootcamp this morning we had an appointment at a townhouse in Northpark, this time it wasn't with an agent but with the owner. Found this place last night in Craig's list. What a gorgeous home. So nice to see a place where the owner has lived. You sure can tell the difference. Nice and CLEAN. We applied immediately, so cross my fingers, that we will get it. No idea how they make their choices here. It is definitely not first come first serve. I bet you anything, had we been doctors or lawyers we would have got approved lots of times. Beats me! In my next life, let me have a nice title if I will be living in the US at some point. Makes it easier to get approved. Apparently.

Also took a look at another house in Oakcreek, once again we had to take out shoes off and the place was filthy. Logic, anyone? Nice house and we have also applied for this one. We do prefer the smaller one in Northpark. It felt very contemporary and immaculate. Who knows where we will end up. I am sooo fed up looking at houses. We are only renting and not buying.

After the busy morning with bootcamp and house hunting we went to a birthday party in Newport Coast, Devin turned 1, hip hip hurrah for Devin! They had organised catering in form of a taco bar, very smart idea instead of bringing all the food yourself. Very yummy and well organised.

Unfortunately it ws a little windy and cold but it was nice to mingle and see some friends again.

 Time to go to bed and hope that I will wake up early to go to Barry's..after finishing some of those chocoalte balls off it is definitely needed.

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