07 June 2012


House hunting is finally over!! After nearly giving up, we have found a new home. Just around the corner from where we are living now, a nice townhouse with wooden floor and a patio. Not what we originally looked for and not in Laguna Beach which was our first choice but this will be good too. We met with the owner on Sunday and after 2 days of waiting...he picked us! We have received the lease agreement along with 14 other attachment...all kind of rules and regulations (like, don't leave the bins out for longer than 12 hours and holiday decoration rules...)!
Now we need to organize everything very fast -picking the keys up on Saturday! Photos will follow!! Can't wait to go BBQ shoppingt. Not a small one, oh no, I want a proper, HUGE, American BBQ.

Perhaps This One?

Typically enough, we also got approved for the house in Oakcreek. THE HOUSE. The house I was prepared to buy. But best price wins.


Desiree said...

Grattis till huset. Låter toppen. Klart ni ska ha en stor grill :-)

Jane & Gavin said...

Tack! Absolut, den dagen vi köper så blir det en jättestor, nu blir det en stor ;)