03 June 2012

Swedish School Breaks Up & Midsummer Party

Yesterday the Swedish school officially broke up for the summer holidays and also there was a little midsummer party. Everything was very well organised as usual. It took place at the Santa Ana Zoo. All the children got a little diploma, very cute!


Had to do some baking..chocolate balls. Not as easy to make here as in Sweden. It was too warm in the kitchen and the butter started melting so I couldn't roll them Had to cool the mixture down and then roll. Very tasty! Not sure I fancy rolling chocolate balls at midnight on a Friday night again. Always last minute!


Traditional Swedish Lucky Dip for the Little Ones
We spent about half the day here, but didn't make it to the Zoo. Santa Ana Zoo is famous for its monkeys so we will definitely have to come back and take a look. Got home just in time to get changed before going to Javier's for some lobster enchiladas. Very ymmu as usual!

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