12 June 2012

New Pad, Part One

Went over to the new house the other night to do some cleaning. The last tenants of course cleaned it but I decided to sanitize kitchen and bathrooms. Sanitize is a very common word here. Never heard it so often as here. There are wipes to clean the shopping trolleys when entering the supermarkets. There are a lot of cleaning products, sanitary wipes at e.g. Target.

Part two will be the top floor and furnished!

Dining Room


Standing in the Dining Room Looking Downstairs


Lounge, Standing at the Front Door

Still BBQ and fridge hunting. Big BIG BIG!

Got internet and cable sorted out today. Have to love the efficiency! None of the 2-3 weeks waiting. Oh no, we will get internet and cable switched on on Saturday, and turned off on Sunday in the old pad. No installation fees, they were all waived. Then again, we pay a small fortune for cable and internet but they gave us a good deal for 12 months and we get HBO for free for 3 months. Best of it all? No contract. We can cancel it any time.

Also found a moving company which will move us on Saturday. It is so easy to move here, not just easy but quick and easy! Only set back was when I tried to buy moving boxes today. Forst place didn't exist any longer once I got there. Second place had boxes with no handles. I didn't mae it to uhaul which was my third option because a) I had a screaming Emily in the back and b) they shut at 7pm.
More luck tomorrow I hope.


Desiree said...

Ser jättefint ut! Vilket charmigt och fint town house. Helt perfekt. Ett sådant där ställe skulle jag mer än gärna själv bo i. Pation är ju lagom stor för att ni ska få plats med både stor grill och lite krukor med växter och sedan utemöbler. Toppen med internet att det fixar sig så snabbt. Jättekul att få se hur ni kommer att bo.

Jane & Gavin said...

Tack! Ser lite mer New York ut än SoCal men det blir bra. Många pooler i området!