14 June 2012

Lunch at the Marketplace

The morning started in quite a hectic. Emily and I drove up to a place in Buena Park to buy a fridge I had seen online. Felt I was in a dodgy moving for a moment. Let's see if it arrives on Friday. I have had my eyes set on a stainless stell fridge with french doors ever since I first caught sight on one at Nick and Laurel's in Sand Diego. Cross my fingers.

I refuse checks but had to give in this time since I didn't want to pay in cash. Unfortunately I made a mistake issuing it and I thought I had to drive back to get a new one. Luckily the bank accepted ut. Phew.  Also, I got carried away and upgraded the fridge to a little more expensive one. Must stop making these impulsive decisions. Especially since the funds came from hubby's account this time. Need to get some kudos for something else to make up for it. Any ideas? :)

We neded up having lunch at the Marketplace, it turned out to be a lovely sunny day despite the overcast this morning

Semi healthy lunch. Unfortunately there are few or no healthy alternatives at the Marketplace

Marketplace, Irvine, at One of the Many Foodcourts.

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