25 June 2012


Had Emily's 6 month's check up this morning, slightly delayed since she is 7 months next week. She is now 72 cm and weighs 20 lb. Just like a perfect nine months old baby! For her age, she is even off the scale, .i.e, over 100%. Our super baby!!

Of course the morning started with disasters. Hubby went to drop Alan off at the airport so we were going to meet him at the doc's. I know I slightly miscalculate how long things take these days, but we ended up being over 30 minutes late. While changing Emily's nappy, she peed and her clothes got wet. Sigh. Second attempt. Put her naked in her bed for 25 seconds while running downstairs to get the nappy rash cream. The whole bed was wet. Right. dressed her, put her in the car seat and put her in the car. Here it all started. Keys? Bottle? Wipes? Diaper bag? Finlly out of the house and garage, driving along Jamboree and there was a car crash, 2 lanes were blocked off. In parallell, I could her Emily squeezing at the back seat. Great, dirty nappy explosion.  40 minutes later, we made it.

Had a prescription to pick up after the visit and thought I'd be quick and do it at the chemist's located in the doctor's building. Now, this is what I don't get. Why does it seem to take close to a lifetime to pick up prescriptions here? All I was picking up was some cream and after 15 minutes when I asked how much longer it was going to take, I was told, at least another 10 minutes. So, grabbed the prescription and will drive to CVS later on. I don't get the orange bottles. And I don't get the whole picking up process, from filling out my contact details to signing that I received all necessary information. Slower than slow folks!

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