25 June 2012

Chilled Sunday

Finally a day to relax. Went to Barry's in the morning, first time in 2 weeks and first time ever I could keep up the pace on the treadmill running up those evil little inclines. Hurrah for me. There is no better way to start a Saturday or Sunday than getting up early and get some exercise. Not sure how I ever could stay in bed till 11, slightly hungover. Such a waste!

Since Gavin wanted to watch the footie he automatically got assigned the baby duties so I took the chance and sneaked out for 3 hours. Did some shopping, picked up some dry cleaninggot my nails done..THIS is what Sundays are for... Hubby has joined a football team so Emily and drove down to Costa Mesa to watch the game.

Sunday nights are also perfect TV nights at the moment, just when The Killing finished its second season, Falling Skies started again. Only a question of time until I start dreaming of skitters. Currently we are following Fallins Skies, Dallas and Longmire. All three have turned out to be decent.

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