16 August 2012

Swedish News

I read about 3-4 newspapers online every day. Currently the big news are that Julian Assange was granted asylum in Ecuador today even if Britain still promise, they will hand him over to Sweden. We´ll see about that. There is this American conspiracy to capture Assange but I doubt Sweden would have played along and handed him over to the US. But this must seriously be the reason why he is so concerned about being handed over to Sweden. Swedish rape laws are ridiculous weak, usually the court aquit so I doubt going to trial were any of his conserns. Frankly, in my opinion it is seems pretty easy to get aquitted in Sweden right now, disregarded of the case.

There is another case which made the headlines today. Someone got axed to death and it could not be determined who among the three suspects actually killed the guy (they knew one of these three guys was guilty) so all three were aquitted. That is how the Swedih courtsystem works, it doesn´t like the he did/she did sort of thing. Not saying I am in favour of the capital punishment but the Swedish judicial system is pretty crap.

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