25 August 2012


I hate Cox. Actually, I doubt that hate is strong enough to describe my urrent dislike towards them. We have always had bad connection but since we moved into the townhouse, we lose the internet at night, roughly after 7 pm. You know, the time when people get home. So literally, we have no internet in the evening. At all.
Not only that, but we also keep losing the cable channels. Sometimes we think we have recorded something, and then it turns out it didn´t because the channel was not available at that moment. We have had technicians coming around and they all tweak a little and say problem´s been solved before leaving. Right. Calling the tech support at night is something I have given up on, since I cannot use the chat support I have to call and normally I give up after waiting in the telephone queue for at least 30 minutes. The worst thing about this? We pay around $ 200 a month for cable and internet. That includes the "premium internet with a power boost" for $ 64. We are on a promotion so we get HBO and a few other channels for free so we don't have all the packages. Such a rip off! I miss Germany. We had super fast internet for 10 euro a month. It is ridiculous, the internet is faster and more reliable in India.  

Welcome to the US, where internet, mobile phones and cable still are expensive. You see, in Irvine Cox has a monopoly. There are no alternatives. We could put a dish up, but that does not solve the internet problem. 

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