25 August 2012

Mom's Club & Country

If you look at meetup.com you can find all kinds of meetup groups. I have joined a couple (mum groups, volunteer groups) but never gone to any. Until yesterday morning. I joined the Mom's club Irvine Marketplace a few months back but hadn't been to any of the gatherings so I thought it was about time. Not sure what expected me so I wasn't overenthusiastic about going. What mums join a group like that? Weirdos? Nutcases? Fanatic stay at home mums? How was relieved was I when I met the super nice mums and they turned about to be super normal. Phew. I really look forward to going to the next meetup. Perhaps I will go to one of the volunteer events next time.

I have also find a place I really want to visit http://theranch.com/saloon/ in Anaheim. Not many country and western bars around here in Southern California so how lucky am I to have found this one! Now I just need to convince hubby to to some dance classes with me - line dance and two step of course. Now that sounds like a brilliant idea.

 Hubby and I soon?


Desiree said...

Coolt med den där country baren du hittat. Ska bli spännande att höra mer om den då du varit där. Jag är så sugen på att dra till Nashville och köra lite barhopping där. Vi gjorde det en gång men det var innan vi blev country fantaster. Nu skulle jag vilja göra om det hela. Kul att mamma gruppen blev en hit.

Jane said...

ja, jag trodde inte det fanns några countrybarer här nere.
Nashville och barhopping skulle helt vara i min stil!