17 August 2012

Pool Fun

Had our forth pool date this week. Fourth! Needless to say, I am knackered. Packing the pool bag, swim nappies, cooler bag..ash all the swim wear. Phew. NO swimming until Sunday now. Yaay!!

Thing we had too many activities today. First swimming, then home and eat, then Gymboree. I enjoy Gymboree more and more now when I have made some acquintances, Emily is getting a little borded though so hopefully we will get promoted to the next level soon. After Gymboree we went to Target to get some bits and bobs, Evil evil Target. Always end up spending more than planned - time AND money!

Just had some food from our favourite take away, La Sirena, and I am trying to plan the weekend a little. Tomorrow morning hubby is off to the dentist and I get the rest of the day will depend on how painful that visit will be. Sunday we have another kids´birthday. This time a two year old and a pool party!

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