25 August 2012


  • Swimming. Nothing beats a morning swim. Hurrah! Finally it is cooling down a bit, I am starting to feel like a piece of toast. Burnt toast, that is.Went for a morning swim this morning. Since it was cloudy and a little cooler outside I thought the water was going to be cold, but what I pleasant surprise. I dipped my big toe in and yaaay, pool was heated!

Back exercising now, and while I am returning to the bootcamp, I am now adding swimming to the routine:)

Shopping. Once again, I am dress hunting. This time for Bea and Enzo's wedding in Tuscany in two weeks. I went to South Coast Plaza and had a look in Nordstrom's and Bloomingdales. NADA. Panic panic but there is still some time. Luckily Mikaela is back tomorrow so I have a baby sitter for Thursday. Dress hunting part two to follow! Shops are full of new stuff for the winter and it was very tempting to get carried away. But first things first. Need to find a dress.

                          Michael Kors, sooo popular here. Never seen any of his stuff in Europe.

Ulta. Paradise for shampoo and skin products. I buy all my dermalogica stuff here (and my friends' in Sweden too!) and all my shampoo. Always spend more than intended. Like the other day. Needed some conditioner, came out with three. Always searching for something better.


Desiree said...

Låter toppen att du kör hårt med träningen. Det märks att du verkligen har kommit i form. Hoppas du hittar en riktigt snygg klänning. Låter underbart med bröllop i Toscana. Stannar ni lite extra och tar lite semester i Toscana också eller passar på att göra något annat stop i Europa? Ulta gillar jag också massvis. Sephora är min favorit nr ett.

Jane said...

Det blir bara Italien denna gång, det var rätt jobbigt sist att resa runt med Emily.
Sephora är superbra, bäst när det gäller smink.