30 August 2012

Shopped out!

Had Mikalea around this morning to baby to baby sit Emily while I was dress hunting. Think I went into every shop twice at Fashion Island. Even went to Neiman Marcus. Once. Still of the opinion, American dresses suck but - sit down and take a breath - I found a dress on sale at Bloomingdales. 90 bucks, and it will do unless I find something better in Italy. Phew. Nearly started panicking for a while, having my doubt I´d find anything to wear. Also found a nice casual dress at BCBG and some stunning shoes at Nordstrom. Shopped out!

                                                                     Fashion Island

                                                               The much hated shoe sale

                                                Found a nice pari of heels from Michael Kors

Rushed home to fetch Emily before heading to the paeditrician. I wanted to make sure it really is the teething keeping Emily up all night and nothing else. And yep, nothing else wrong with our sweetie pie, she has another 3 teeth coming out so now, a grand total of 10 teeth in 6 weeks. Surely a new record, right?

Stopped by at Target on my way home to get a few bits and bobs. Every time I have my bags packed, there or elsewhere, I wonder why they pack the stuff the way they do, e.g. why do they ask if it is ok to pack the toothpaste in the same bag as the water? Beats me.


Desiree said...

Kul att du hittade en klänning. Nu är du all set för bröllopet.Skorna ser snygga ut som du tagit bild på. Toppen också att allt är ok med Emily och att det bara är lite nya tänder på G som håller henne vaken ibland.

Jane said...

Tack, hoppas ni har det bra i Alabama!!