08 May 2012

Walk on the Beach

Beach weather! Drove down to wonderful  Laguna Beach and walked on the beach. Had Emily in the Baby Björn, I really need to start using it more often. So convinient.

Weather was perfect, not too hot and a little breeze sweeping across. It was pretty busy (even if it looks empty on the pics). Had a wonderful time until I stepped on a bee. Ouch!! Geez, hadn't I had Emily in the sling I would have freaked out a lot more, especially since the bee was stuck in my foot for a while. A guy on the beach immediately came up to me and said colgate toothpaste helps. Luckily I got stung in the arch and not on my heel or ball so I could walk back after a while. But gosh, that was quite painful.

Other than that, I am still trying to get Emily on solids. Chek this pic out, not looking to fond of mango puree.

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