06 May 2012

Looking for Houses

What a dilemma. Since the lease is up soon we need to figure out what to do. The apartment is getting too small so we need to move. But where? To another apartment complex? To a house with a hoa (home owner association) and therefore has a community pool? Just a house? It is not a seller's market right now so the leasing market is really in our favour. Lots of choice. Good prices. But we can't make up our minds. Which area seems to be the toughest one. I have realised we will not find anything in Laguna Beach which was our first choice. The houses on the market there are either in the wrong location (right in the city centre) or very old, i.e the houses within our budget. We can get a great townhome in Irvine for $ 1900 but that doesn't get you anything in LB. So we will drive around a little today again to see if we can make a decision. Hate moving and especially when it is with short notice so this time I will plan plan plan. Every little detail.


Now, sun is shining outside (hurrah), time to get a pedicure and organise the day!

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