25 May 2012

Between Visitors

Have one week "off" between visitors. For some reason I thought we could chill but oh no.

Back on track on my exercise. We both are! Took us a couple of weeks but we are back going to Barry's on our regular days. Need to shred some pounds off ASAP.

Still on and off about Gymboree..should we keep going, should we do something else?

 When we went on Wednesday I was determined I'd cancel the membership, butthe teacher suggested joining the next level to see if we liked it. Level 1 is getting too boring since Emily lies on her stomach all day anyway, she definitely doesn't need extra tummy time. And I do admit, the play gym they have which you can go to anytime you want, is pretty nice. So, let's give the level 2 a shot next week. And then perhaps cancel it.

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