12 May 2012


Still looking for a new apartment/house/townhome. Perhaps we will have some luck tomorrow when we are looking at some more properties. It is very different when leasing a flat here compared to renting in Europe, where renting basically means indefinite or until the rental agreement is cancelled.  Here you choose the leasing period in advance, e.g. 6, 12 or 18 months. And if you extend it at the end of the period, it doesn't necessarily mean the rent will be the same.

We have really enjoyed living at Anacapa but I got really annoyed with the leasing office yesterday. Had to pop down to pick up the remote to the gate (which either breaks or needs new batteries every two weeks) and one of the guys (the very slow one) approched me lease which runs out soon. I told him we are looking to move out because we need more space and he started asking questions why we need more space, how soon blah blah. And shortly after that conversation I found a white envelope at our door step! If we decided to renew the elase, the rent will increase by $ 100, if we want to lease on a month-by-month basis, by $ 300 and we have to make up our mind by next week Friday. We have to tell them by the 30 May the latest if we are moving out otherwise we will end up with the monthly leasing agreement. Pushy? Ha!

Think it is time to say good bye to Irvine company.

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