09 November 2012


After we went to Gymboree this morning, I decided to make a detour and drive to The Great Dane, a Danish bakery in Huntington Beach. I needed to order Emily´s birthday cake and I felt I was in great need of some decent bread. And boy did we get lucky. Limpa, frallor, Danish pastry. Perfect. Of course you need a decent cheese with such delicous bread so we popped by IKEA on the way home. Had some meatballs for lunch, got some Herrgård cheese and prinskorv.  Very successful Friday, the weeked can begin!

Tonight´s dinner snack, with sparkling water. Love love love sparkling water. One of the best things Germany has taught me! LOL 

                                        Had to bribe Emily at IKEA and get her the soft toy dog above.


Desiree said...

Mums låter jättegott. Underbart att du hittat ett sådant smultronställe. Emily ser väldigt lycklig ut över sin nya gosehund.
Ha en trevlig helg

Jane said...

Väldans tur att ha hittat det där bageriet!