19 November 2012

SWEA Christmas Fair

Yesterday it was once again time to go to SWEA OC´s yearly Christmas fair, this time in Huntington Beach. It took place in a location called "Old Village", which has been built up just like a Bavarian village with little shops, a German supermarket, Ratskeller and a "party room", where the actual fair was. I go there a couple of times a ywear to get my German kick and it is kind of cozy, perfect place to have the Christmas fair. No palm trees to be seen!

                           I spent some hours selling lottery tickets, there were some very cute prices

 Some very nice Christmas ornaments could be found here, I really had to concentrate on not buying any.

I was there to help out both the Swedish School, and SWEA, and it turned out to be quite a long time. Made sure to buy some Swedish cinnamon buns, Swedish limpa and some "ice chocolate". Imagine the feast I had last night after also buying some sausage (falukorv) for my sandwiches at the German shop. Yum!

Also bought some fresh yeast, the woman in the bkaery gave me the biggest piece ever, for only 2 dollars, not sure I will manage to bake this much. If anyone needs some yeast and lives in the neighbourhood, feel ree to pick some up:)


Madeleine - livet i the OC said...

Om du letar efter färsk jäst igen så finns det på Claros italian market i Tustin, väldigt nära er. Det tog mig 6år att hitta det :) Samma pris där,nån dollar för en stor kloss!

Jane said...

Tack! Hade ingen aning om att det fanns där.