24 November 2012

Thanksgiving - European Style

Thanksgiving turned out to be a day of cleaning and eventually falling into a pie coma.
The meal inself turned into a combination of what we like; chicken (smaller size), cranberry sauce, gravy, yorkies, mash and roasted potatoes. We completely forgot about the stuffing. Normally I would have made one but honestly I couldn´t be bothered - the pie was a peacan pie a la Costco. Very nice, I have to admit. Way too big for two people so we will be having pie for quite some time. Around 8 pm I fell into the pie coma and that was it. Early night!

Black Friday was just as quiet. A repeat of Thursday´s meal (I cannot smell chicken or potato for quite some time though, overdosed completely!) and a quick lunch at the District. Love family days! We stayed away from the shops, apart from some food shopping. Rented a film on apple TV at night, I think we are getting too old for movies. There is so much crap out there and it is hard to find a good one. I THINK last night´s film was called Freelancers, a thriller, and what a waste of time. No no, think we will continue to watch the super fantastic series we are following at the moment. MUCH better.

Now - bring on the weekend! House is tidy, waiting for in laws to arrive!!


Desiree said...

Låter superskönt och mysigt. Vi brukade också köra med kyckling istället för kalkon. Jag har plannerat att vi ska ha lite Thanksgivning inspirerad middag ikväll med hel kyckling i ugnen men skippar också the stuffing denna gången.
Kul att ni får besök och skönt som sagt att ni har fått njuta några dagar av att bara vara tillsammans.

Anne-Marie said...

Låter som en perfekt helg. Har ätit både "alternativ" Thanksgiving-mat och litet mer traditionell kalkon osv. Härligt att vara ledig några dagar.
Trevligt med besök och litet familjeumgänge. :)

Jane said...

Desiree: Kycklingen blev stor nog;) Skönt med en extra dagars ledighet med familjen;)

Anne-Marie: Gott med lite alternativ mat. Och härligt med lite ledighet!