20 November 2012

Busy Bee

Short week but so much to do!

  • Tomorrow after our weekly baby fika with the Swedish girls, Emily and I are heading to Olsons in LA to buy some goodies. Swedish kaviar, cheese and this & that. Also need to go to Costco and get some stuff for Thursday. Decided to skip the turkey and get a chicken instead. Size matters, hihi. We don´t want to eat turkey all weekend.
  • Thanksgiving is also THE day where all the Christmas decorations will be unpacked. Cannot wait!!! Would like to start NOW. More is more so there will be lots to put up.
  • Saturday family arrive; fist we will go to a birthday party around lunch, then head to LA to pick them up. And start planning our stay in Vegas next week.
  • And oh, I need to bake. A lot. Before that yeast goes off. Bread, cinnamon rolls. What else?
  • We have found a new series we are now hooked on. Arrow. A bit silly. A little soap operaish. But sweet, and worth watching.
  • I have a sweet sweet tooth at the moment. Or can you say greasy? I could at not just sweets all the time, but burgers and pizza too. Yuck. So power walks - you are back on.


Desiree said...

Kul att ni får besök och ska till Vegas. Smart också det där med kyckling istället för kalkon. Jag brukar också köra med kyckling istället. Tycker faktiskt att det också blir saftigare. Wow färsk jäst är en lyx att hitta. Jag lyckades aldrig få tag på det i Alabama. Var det lätt att hitta färsk jäst by the way i Tyskland?
Ha en underbar Thanksgiving holiday.

Jane said...

Ja, man onödigt att äta ihjäl sig;) Måste dock söga att kyckling var alldeles för stor så det blev mycket över.
Färsk jäst finns överallt i Tyskland, dock i annan storlek - 42 gram så det passade aldrig precis till svenska recept.
Hoppas ni har haft en toppenhelg!