19 November 2012

Short Week

I love short weeks! Thursday is Thanksgiving and Friday is the shopping crazy Black Friday so only two more days to go.

Autumn has finally arrived to OC and we have had some cool days. Even turned the heating on twice, and this I don´t get. What happened to normal radiators? Instead, we have the a/c blowing cold or hot air, in this case, hot air. Hello? You wake up in the middle of the night, thinking you left the hair dryer on by mistake. Do radiators exist at all or do you all just have hot air blowing as heating? Useless but better than being cold I guess.

Tomorrow is cleaner day. The minute after she has left, we are both waiting for her to come again. This is a luxury well worth paying for, even if it is bi monthly. We still have some miscommunication though, after a some minor disasters doing the laundry I have told her several times, not to bother with it, but in vain. Instead, we now hide the laundry but somehow she manages to find it. Not just that, sometimes, the already clean stuff get washed again (I know, if I started ironing everything it would look cleaner) and disaster disaster, everything ends up in the dryer, and whites and blacks get washed together. We have started to do some marathon launday before she comes but there are always some left overs.

Today in one week we will be in Vegas! In laws arrive on Saturday so we all know what we will be doing on Friday -  cleaning!

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