05 October 2012

Yaay it is Friday!

We are nearly a healthy family again. Emily sounds better, I am only coughing through the night and hubby is getting there too. What a week it has been. Last week too. A real pain in the butt!

Tonight we are making a second attempt to a date night. Not sure what we are doing yet - if it was up to me, we´d head up to Anaheim to the country and western bar for some yiihaa and line dancing. BUT that would probaby not go down too well so we´ll probably end up in a cozy restaurant in Laguna Beach and then stop off for a pint or two in an Irish pub. And save the country & western night out for next time.

Tomorrow we are thinking about heading north, El Laaaay!  Depending on the weather, we are looking at the Getty Museum or Paradise Cove in Malibu with a stop off in Santa Monica on the way back to see if our dear friend Beth is about.

This is how much fun we had yesterday in Laguna Beach

                                                                       Swing baby swing!

Happy weekend! And oh, I am now on Instagram under Colognejane..

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