28 October 2012

Stomach flu

Just recovered from a very nasty stomach flu. It popped out of nowhere last week Friday, then slowly wiped the whole family Clarke out. At least we are up today, not quite up and about butup and standing. These things suckwhen you have no family around. And what a stomach flu. I usuallu say the US is a country of extremes, well this was certainly a very extreme stomachflu. Never seen anything like it before. Phew!

Talking about illness. I think it is quite interesting when you think about each countrie´s national diseases. Let´s take Sweden e.g., during the winter the stomach flu (vinterkräksjukan) is something you read in the paper about a lot, everyone seems to be expecting it. Many young people are diagnosed with ADHD. And burn-outs and feeling stressed are very common among adults. Kind of ironic, Sweden is not known for long hours and short holidays.

In Germany, every second person seems to have diarrhoea (durchfall), no one is shy to talk about it. Most other people would probably say they have a bad stomach. Many adults seem to have ligament injuries. I had never heard of this before. When I had a cold in Germany people used to tell me all the time to go to the doctor. Why, is he going to make me feel better? Not sure if this is because I was brought up in Sweden where you can´t even go to the ER without phoning up the nearest health centre first but I don´t see the point in going to the doctor just because of a cold. But in Germany they do. And you´ll get a sick note. Always thought that was funny when people said they were written off sick for a week. How do you know you´re going to sick for that long?

So what is the national disease in the US? Not sure. I do know flu shots are big business here. Many shops (most grocery stores have a chemist) offer a discount if you get your shot there, something like "10% off your next shopping". Crazy!! In general I also think people are crazy about vitamins and remedies.

To a complete different subject. I stumbled upon this article the other week. It is in Swedish, and aout the conservatives in Orange County. Felt absolutely disgusted reading it. Do we actually live among these people?



Desiree said...

Stackare, usch magsjuka är så vidrigt. Man mår så himla dåligt.Skönt att ni börjar känna er lite bättre nu. Det är intressant att jämföra sjukdomstillstånd i olika länder som du tar upp. I USA var det som du säger att det är i Tyskland att man skulle till läkaren helst så fort man nyser. Get a shot sa de ofta att man skulle se till att göra. Influensan är nog det som folk verkade mest rädda för i USA. Mycket hand sanitizers och wipes överallt. Det är en större bacillskräck och mer hygieniskt i USA jämfört med Sverige. Hoppas ni snart känner er piggare som sagt.

Jane said...

Tack, jag tror aldrig att jag har haft magsjuka tidigare, inte om man jämför med denna;(

Jo du har så rätt, bacillskräck är nog Amerikanernas folksjukdom!