11 October 2012

Rain Drops!

Finally finally, we have had some rain and a glimpse of autumn. I was so happy this morning when I could put  on my jeans and a long sleeved jumper. Even happier when I had to use the windscreen wipers in the car. Nearly forgot how to turn them on. Felt kind of exciting being chilly again!  Went to DSW this morning and bought myself a pair of boots and a jacket at Nordstrom Rack. !wo bargains - bring on the cold now, I am prepared!!

Of course it didn´t rain much. It never does. It was kind of drip drop, not cat and dogs. But it was enough to keep conversations going all day. "Drive carefully out there", "Be safe", "Is it still raining out there".  All over the news too. Too funny. Shame we´re expecting 30 degrees C on Sunday and next week.

  • Have you ever watched Honey Boo Boo? Oh My God, is all I can say. It scored the highest ratings in the US during its first season in August.
  • The vice presidential debate was on tonight. How can there be any undecided voters out there still? Full on, full on is all I can say.
  • Tomorrow night and saturday I will participate in the SWEA OC regional meeting activities. Fun! Something I am really looking forward to.
  • We have had weird dreams all week. Me about book keeping & budgets - now being the treasuerer for the Swedish school - and hubby about ants. Yep, we found a small army of them yesterday. NOT good.
  • Enrolled in online banking this week. How unsafe! How backward! Makes Deutsche Bank and SEB like THE future. The bank manager wrote my password and user name down on a piece of paper. For the second bank, the customer rep sent me a mail.
  • On Sunday we are going to another pumkin patch - here in the neighbourhood. Something to look forward to. My first pumpkin learning lesson: keep them away from the sun. Mine have turned green and I will have to buy another one to carve. Got all my carving tools ready, yaay!
  • Watched the Swedish Hollywood Wives last night. What a bunchof crap. Seriously. Busy as we are with all our other series we watch, this one has dropped to the bottom of priorities.But hey, have you watched 666 Park Avenue? Spoooooky!!

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Desiree said...

Skönt med lite regn om ni inte haft det på länge. Här får man mer än sin beskärda del men igår var det riktigt fint höstväder igen så det var underbart. Ha en trevlig helg. Ni verkar ha många roliga aktiviter inplanerade. Kul med Pumpkin Patch. Saknar dessa. Har ännu inte hittat några större pumpor till vettigt pris här.