11 October 2012


On Saturday we decided  to do a little excursion, northbound. After plodding along at home all morning we decided to drive to Paradise Cove in Malibu. This may be the most expensive trailer park in the world. It is located on a private beach, and oh boy do they know how to charge there.  $30 to park unless you eat at the cafe', $10 if you walk to thebeach, without validation. Back in April one trailer was sold for the unbelievable price of $ 2,4 milions!!! Pamela Anderson, Minni Driver live here, just to meantion some.

Anyways, it is a nice and tranquil beach and it is a popular destination for movies and music videos. I like it because it is quiet and not so busy as around here.  A nice day out, with other words.

                                                                 Cash Machine, Old Style
                                                                      Time to get Cozy

                                                                Calamares,for two!

                                                       This is where you can spot a celebrity or two
                                       Clearly over priced, had to send back my food 3 times!

As so oftenwith places like this,  the restaurant was over priced and food was pretty crap. But you get to hang out a nice quite beach with huge sun beds and validated parking.

On the way home we stopped home at the Malibu Country Mart. A little more exclusive than the shopping plazas around here. Just a little.

                                     Los Angeles designer James Perse has a flagship store here
                                                     Heading back towards Santa Monica

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