05 October 2012

Longing for Autumn

This is ridiculous, we are getting toasted by the heat every day and I am sick of eating salads and other "summer food". We have a rule in this house, saying that we eat healthy Monday to Friday noon, and weekends we are not so strict. It doesn´t mean we eat at McDonalds or indulge in chicken wings but it means we can have chips & salsa, ice cream and take aways such as Mexican food. Although there is semi healthy Mexican food, it is hard not to indulge in quesedillas, guacamole and chips. However, last night none of us felt like cooking (another "rule", whoever puts Emily to bed does not have to cook...) so we decided to get a take out from an Indian restaurant not far from us we´ve just discovered, Indian Cook House.  Tried to be good and not order a starter (it is mid week right) but we got two samosas for free so that completely failed, grrr! Hubby´s curry was delicious (it is hard to find good curries in the US) but mine was not the best, I know what to get next time! Curry used to be our Friday night food in German, just like Mexican is now. The Persian place next door seemed very popular so we´ll have to try that one next time.

Going shopping is not so much fun at the moment, all these winter clothes - it will never get cold enough for me to buy these thick cardigans and jackets- haning on the rails. I, however, thought I`d ignore this heat for a minute and clicked home this lovely long sleeved t-shirt from BCBG. Online shopping is too easy. Just one click and 2 days later...... this arrives

                                               See, all prepared for winter California style

                 When the items arrives in a box like this..makes me think if it was just a little over priced..

                      Went to a trunk show last week and bought this little thing from stella & dot


Desiree said...

Det är inte så kul med hettan som aldrig lägger sig. Minns hur trött man kunde bli på sommarkläder när vi bodde i Alabama. Tröjan ser jättefin ut. Hoppas det blir lite svalare snart så att du får chansen att använda den. Gott med både indiskt och Mexikanskt. Mexikanskt mat i USA är inte direkt smal mat då den domineras av mycket chips och ost. Mexikansk mat i Mexico känns betydligt mer hälsosam. Mer variation och inte alls så ostbaserat. Fint halsband också.
Trevlig helg.

Jane said...

Och då hade ni nog det värre i Alabama, med den fuktiga värmen.
Vi har hittat en del mer traditionella mex restauranger här, mer variation som du säger och inte lika mycket ost. Men det är svårt..det finns en hel del bra mexikanska fast food ställen här, wahoo fish taco, baja fresh och vår syndigfa favorit La sirena. De har alla egen salsa bar och väldigt goda sallader men det är svårt att inte ta det som man längtar efter.

Dick ha tröjan i fredagskväll - ÄNTLIGEN lite kyligare ute!