14 July 2012

San Diego Zoo

We decided to go to San Diego Zoo this morning. After being in stuck in traffic this morning, we finally arrived around noon. What a zoo! I had already heard it was big so we bought a one year membership for both of us ($ 109, one admission was $ 42), it gives us free admission to both the zoo and the safari park for one year plus a lot of coupons. Since we had the pram with us we decided to walk and not get on any of the buses. I reckon we saw 2/3 of the zoo in 4.5 hours. Who needs the bootcamp when you can walk around the zoo huh! Add boiling hot sun to that and you might get the feeling how we felt today. All in all it was a gorgeous day, such a nice, spacious zoo.

The zoo offers free parking, and since it is so big, it didn't feel crowded

Emily wasn't too interested in the animals,

Having a peek at the elephants

Major attraction was of course the pandas
Initially we planned to go to Palm Springs since weekend but realized it would be too hot so we postponed it. Second option was Mission Bay outside San Diego but all hotels were fully booked.. The zoo turned out to be a pretty good third option, we will definitely be back!

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