13 July 2012

Dentist and Other Fun

Yesterday I learnt some new stuff. Flowers are delivered in boxes here. And dentists offer a whole new experience.

When I came back from the dentist yesterday and found a nice little surprise on the doorstep - a box of flowers. Thanks honung! Never seen flowers being delivered in a box before but I am in the country of wrappings so why not. Was kind of wondering how they survive in the dark but hey, they still look great so apparently they didn't mind.

Now to the dentist. Just like my OB, when stepping inside the office, it doesn't give you the feeling being at the doc's. In typical Southern California style, there are signed framed pictures on the wall of celebrities who have been to the office, Reese Witherspoon is one of them. No waiting time, I get to sit down in the dentist chair immediately. The hygienist tells me they need to take 18 x-rays since it is my first visit. I notice the whole office is lokking very chic. Everything in beige, white and brown. Staff are dressed in black uniforms. The doc comes and introduces himslef, promises to take good care of me, and shows off the biggest, whitest smile ever. It feels like I am watching Dr. 92010 for a brief moment. I notice there is no water fountain to drink water, nor anywhere to spit. A little weird. What was even weirder was the removal of the plaque. In Germany I have experienced two methods, ultra sound and airflow. Here they hygienist scraped it off. No wonder I sat there for nearly two hours!!

The dentist really took his time to chat afterwards and go through everything, which was nice, but I felt a little as if I had gone back to the future. At the end of the visit I got a little goodie bag and a folder with payment options, my bill and also what my next visit will cost (this is really nice). Now, I never found a dentist I truly liked in Germany so I expect it will take me some time here too. Not so sure about this one. He even showed me his gold filling. His gold filling!!! Who wants to have a gold filling??

Folder with payment options, bill and quote for my next visit

Goodie bag


Desiree said...

Ha ha låter inte snyggt med guldtanden. I Alabama så så skrapade de också tandsten manuellt. Usch jag gillar inte det. Där gjorde tandhygenisten allt jobb och sedan kom tandläkaren in och gjorde en kontroll av jobbet och tittade på röntgenbilderna och sedan var det klart.
Jättefina blommor du fick.

Jane said...

Så är det här också, och det tog sådan tid! Nästan två timmar!!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your impressions of what seems "normal" to me. I've never visited a dentist outside of the US, but I've probably been to 8 different dentists here in the States and ALL scraped plaque...I didn't know there was a different method! It never takes 2 hours though! I am usually in and out of the dentist office in under 45 minutes. Weird that it took so long, and very strange that Southern Cal businesses display pictures of their famous clients. Hmmm...Jenna

Jane said...

Jenna, southern Cali thing, showing off their clients, haha.
I hope the dentist will be quicker next time, I'd like to utilize the time better when having a baby sitter!