20 July 2012

Play Date with a View

Went to the Swedish school's play date the other day. This time we went to the park "top of the world", and yes, that's how you felt up there. In one direction, view over the canyons, the other, of the Pacific ocean.

Getting to know all the play grounds around here. And running out of options for upcoming play dates with the school. Since it is getting hot, it may just be pool dates.

Talking about the pool. Yesterday I went swimming with Emily here at the complex. Thought I'd meet some nice people to chat with but it ended up being me and all the nannies. Trust me, I would never hire any of those nannies I keep bumping into here. Chatting away on the phone, texting and not once looking at the kids in the pool. We're talking baby pool here, so little ones.

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