07 September 2012

We´re Off!

Looks like we are flying tonight! Super stressed day though. Didn´t get home until 11.20 pm last night, WAY AFTER my bed time. It was the Swedish school´s board meeting (I am now the treasurer) and it lasted till 11 pm. Unfortunatelyt Emily woke up when we went to bed so I had to sit around with a awake babs till 1-ish. NOT fun since I wasn´t tired anymore once she was asleep. Then up at 4 am, and then at 7.30. SIGH. Dunno what´s going on but it need to stop. SO TIRED.

Drove to the Brow boutique to have my lashes and brows down. I keep telling myself there must be just as good places nearby, but oh no. I keep trying alternatives, and keep getting annoyed so, here I was again, driving 35 minutes to South Laguna and paying $ 75. Pretty crazy though you can run a business just based on lashes and brows. Only in California!

                                                         Regular customer at this place again

Something we yet are to learn is to pack light. We are terrible travellers, always bring more than needed. Still, I like to have a choice. Just in case you know. So currently there is CHAOS at the clarkes'.

Think I have been packing all week. ALL WEEK FOLKS. Clearly not done yet. One more hour to go. Making sure iphones and ipads are charged. Enough nappies. Camera packed. Formula. Baby food. Porridge. Shoes. Dresses. You know the drill, LONG LIST. Phew.

Might upload some random pics from Italy but blogging from the phone is no hit so SO LONG, bella Italia, here we come!

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Desiree said...

Ha en bra resa. Njut för fullt i Italien och ha det toppen på alla sätt. Jag brukar också packa alldeles för mycket. Något jag jobbar på att bli bättre på men helt klart måste fortsätta jobba på.
Kram och trevlig resa.