22 September 2012

Bella Italia - Wedding

The reason why we went to Tuscany was of course Bea and Enzo´s wedding. It took place at Castello di Fugliano where we also spent our last three nights. A very cute little castle not far from the villa we stayed the previous nights. The advantage of the castello was that we had a small apartment instead of a hotel room. Mental note for the future when travelling with a baby; always book an apartment. SO much easier. Especially when you have a fussy babs who only eats home cooked food.

 One if the advantages of having a wedding where everyone has to travel is that the guests will spend a couple of days at the venue and this really felt like a three day wedding. Above the meat for the BBQ the noght before the wedding.
                                                                BBQ the night before the wedding
                                                                        Bride & groom
                                                                 Castello di Fugliano - the venue
                                                                           Our cutiepie!
                                                           Just married and singing of joy, haha!
                                                                           Ready to mingle!
                                                                       Mingle by the pool
Surprised no one fell into the pool. given that there were wuite a few kids running around
 Our first Italian wedding. There were so many courses (primi and second piatti - two of each!) we lost count, very yummy!! The wedding was a mixture of Italian and Swedish tradition, though perhaps more Swedish with lots of singing and speeches. I think I counted 10 different nationalities among the guests, this factor definitely contributed to the ease among the guests, so easy to mingle and chat to everyine.


Desiree said...

Vad kul att få vara med om ett sådant här bröllop. Slottet ser så vackert och inbjudande ut. Ser helt underbart ut på alla sätt. Det blir väldigt trevligt när alla gästerna rest långväga och man får flera dagar ihop på det här sättet. Det bröllop vi var på Gotland i augusti var ju samma koncept även om det inte var fullt lika långt att åka som ni fick göra. Hoppas det är bättre med jet lagen nu för både dig och Emily.

Jane said...

Det var verkligen kul, man lär ju känna de andra gästerna lite mer då och det blir ett mycket mer lyckat bröllop då, när alla minglar på ett annat sätt.
Jetlagen är nu över - äntligen!