22 September 2012

Bella Italia - S.G & Certaldo

After the two nights in Florence we drove down to San Gimignano where we had booked ourselves into a small hotel for 4 nights. We hadn´t had time to do any research about the area and were very pleased to find out that this was a little gem. San Gimignano is an old medieval town and there is so much history surrounding it you can nearly smell it. A couple of miles east we found another little town, at first glance quite dull but then we discovered the historic centre at the top of the hill.

                                        Salami and cheese to die for. Oh cheese, how I have missed you
                                                                    San Gimignano

                                                                     Certaldo at night
                                                              Vineyards & olive trees. Fantastic views.

Lots of vino!
So quaint. Certaldo. 
                                             One of the many little restaurants we visisted-

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