20 April 2012


Hurrah, it is Friday! This week has been a right pain. Hardly any sleep, flat looks like a mess. Seems like we can't get organised since we got back. At all. Emily has slept in our bed nearly every night so even when she has been asleep, we haven't slept at all.
Good news: Emily slept all night. So long jetlag! Bad news: My inner alarm clock ist set at 3 am. So still no sleep.

Friday means take out. When we lived in Germany, Friday was always take out day. A treat for working hard all week. Or, a ticket to be lazy:) No one in this family likes to volunteer to cook on Fridays so it turned out to be take out Fridays. Most likely it will be sushi tonight. That is, if I can find a new restaurant. We used to go to Tokyo table but found it a little pricey and a little too innovative. The sushi place across the road do not do take out so I will google a bit. But sushi it is!

We went to Waterworks this morning for another swimming lesson. Emily has now completed beginner's class after only 3 lessons! YAAAY! I immediately scheduled her into a new class for next week.

Now, time for the weekend!

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