17 April 2012

Back in the US!

We are sooo jet lagged. One week ago I was thinking "travelling with a baby is easy, we can do this more often", whereas now I am thinking never again. Jet lagged babies are NOT fun. This morning at 3 am she was rolling around in bed, giggling and laughing. She is so much fun so it was hard not to laugh. Hubby eventually slept in the guest room.

Our holiday was so much fun! It was nice to see everyone again. I really enjoyed being back in Germany, but boy, had I forgotten how crowded Cologne is. Really enjoyed being back at work too!! Though I am glad I am observing the changes and craziness at work from a distance. So much going on right now and it feels really good to be away from it right now. Not saying I don't miss it though. Managed to meet up with some work colleagues outside work too which really meant a lot.

 Liverpool was nice too, cold and wet but cozy indoors. We even managed to pop out to the cinema to watch The hunger games. Really good movie!! Emily got spoiled with lots of attention, meeting all the relatives. We got spoiled too, not having to change many nappies during our stay :)

And then it was Sweden..we had sunshine..we had snow..and my goodness, plenty of children wherever we went. Last Friday night we had a small get together at Linda's. Anna, Kicki, Pia, Linda and I. Plus hubbies and kids. So nice to hang out with old friends and their children. Miss it already so much! Imagine how many play dates we would have if we still lived there!! Times have changed for sure. But super cool that we still meet up at night for food and drinks and bring the kids. Did so much shopping I had to leave some stuff behind for my mum to bring when she's coming over next. Children's clothes in Sweden are so very different from the US, not saying I prefer it, but change is fun!

Off to make another attempt to wake Emily up - don't think I can handle another night like the past two. Need sleep!

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