24 April 2012


Had a tiny little earthquake yesterday - only 3,9 but I felt the house shake for a coule of second. Though someone had driven into the house.


Now to something a lot more boring and which seems to be typicsl DHL. This is the second out of three parcels they have lost. This time I have promised not to ever ever ever use them again. Just send the form off. It was sent on 25 January to us. Yeap, pretty sure it has endet up somewhere else.

Big booooh for

At least I know exactly what is in the parcel this time. Not so much super important stuff, only towels etc. But we all know how crazy expensive towels are in the US right, so it would be nice to have them back

Now of to Tanaka Farms with the Swedish school. The Swedish school has such a gem of staff organising these fun things!

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