03 April 2012

Rain rain rain

Arrived in England last night after some very hectic but really nice days in Cologne. Could have stayed a lot longer!

We had quite a tight schedule - meeting friends non stop every day, made it to work twice as well. Would have liked to stroll around the shops to, but unfortunately had no time so we have to save it for next time.

Since we have nine hours of time difference to Germany and Sweden, it is quite hard to sort out any matter with banks, authorities etc so I tried to get as much sorted as possible. Moving countries is harder than you think, I still get a fare share of post which needs to be dealt with.All good now though!

Something which did occur to me this weekend in Cologne was how crowded it was!! My goodness, people everywhere. Bumping into us and the pram, slamming doors in our faces...And the smoking!! I honestly had forgotten what is was like to have smoke blown in my face. NOT nice. How soon you forget :)

We were so excited about getting Emily's first stamp in her American passport but oh no, when we landed in Germany they didn't stamp since she has dual citizenship. However, when we left Germany they stamped it and when we entered England, we had to fill in a landing card for her and they stamped too. Different rules everywhere:) She was such a trooper during all the flights, didn't cry at all and slept most of the time.

Now, time to catch up some reading online and some blogs!

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