19 April 2012

6 Months!

It has been six months since I, 34 week pregnant, hopped on that plane to LAX. Time flies! Not for one minute have I regretted giving birth here, though it was a tough decision at the time. Missed my friends a lot (and still do) so thankfyllt, there is Skype.
A question we got asked again and again and again during our trip to Europe a few weeks ago was "how do you like it over there?" Well, I still have pro and con lists in my head. They are constantly updated :)

Here we go!

We love:
  • the weather, it is nearly always sunny and warm. Right now it is getting hot hot not. So nice. I don't need four seasons, just give me one long sunny one and I am happy. Well. Christmas may be the only exception. No need for the sun to come out during Christmas.
  • friendly, helpful and CHATTY people.
  • laid back lifestyle. Perhaps it is because we are so close to Mexico? LOL
  • the supermarkets, especially Wholefoods. All the organic food. Fresh vegetables and fruit. Helpful staff. The range of food. I can make a long long list what I love about the supermarkets here.
  • space. It is never crowded anywhere. Big parking spaces. Malls have lots of space. This is something which really annoyed me in Germany. It was crowded everywhere.In the street, on the pavement, in restaurants, shops etc.
  • customer service! Need to further coments..
  • sporty lifestyle
  • Swedes! Haven't spoken this much Swedish in years!
  • valet parking when it is raining!

Not so great..

  • SLOW drivers...slow walking people. Come on folks, stop day dreaming when you're driving. Hit accelerate when the traffic light turns green.
  • people sitting in their cars in the car park. Eating, drinking..NOT MOVING
  • all the fast food chains
  • people leave shopping trolleys all over the car park (yes, such a "small" thing still drives me nuts!)
  • politics! How can abortion be such a hot topic? It is 2012 after all.
  • toilets full of water (splash!) and the creepy soft toilet paper (although I did experience some super rough toilet paper at my parents', the good old blue and white. Hubby thought they had stolen it from work, so say no more!)
  • bread which never goes off. VERY creepy. A LOT of food here look the same after 4 or 5 weeks.
  • segregation. I miss the multi cultural environment. And, charity gets a whole new meaning here.
  • tipping. (you might find me being a super mean Swede, but I find 20% way too much!) but at the nail spa, and all the other places!
  • healthcare system. Very backwards and SLOW. Tried to schedule an appointment for Emily yesterday. The amount of details needed over the phone, then the doctor's office phone phones the insurtance company up to verify the information only to phone me back and confirm. Yes, I can schedule that appointment. No shit!


Desiree said...

Hej hittade din blogg från kommentaren du lämnade hos mig som handlade om car pool lanes. Kul att du bor i LA och flyttat dit från Europa. Jättekul att läsa din lista här med positivt och negativt. Skriver under på allt du tar upp. Känner igen det där med slow drivers från Alabama. Höll på att bli galen men oj vad jag saknar solsken och det klimat ni har i CA. Idag 20 april och snöblandat regn i Stockholm. Jag vill inte bo här!!! känner jag dagar som denna. Känns ibland som det aldrig kommer bli vår. Känns som om det går från vinter till sommar och sommaren är lika kort som en helg i jämförelse med en arbetsvecka.
Hur länge bodde du i Tyskland?
Love love love Whole Foods. Blir alldeles salig över att gå in där men tyvärr alldels för dyrt för att handla allt där.
Kikar gärna in hos dig i framöver.

Jane & Gavin said...

Hej Desiree
Tack för att du tittar in. Jag hittade din blogg när du bodde i Alabama. Jag bodde 17 år i Tyskland, så det var dags att prova något annat ;). Vi bor ca 45 minuter utanför LA; i Orange county, läste om din roadtrip du gjorde - härligt!