19 February 2013


Saturday morning we decided to do something we rarely do - go out for breakfast. And what is better than breakfast with a view. We headed to the Rooftop in Laguna Beach and we were not just lucky to enjoy a really nice scramble but also to watch the dolphins play in the water..And what a day, fantastic weather, sunny and warm. Sooo spoiled!

Sunday we decided to visit the Scottish heritage festival in Long Beach. Didn´t know what to expect but needed to get out of the house and do something else than just visiting playgrounds. Plenty of Scots everywhere, or, lookalikes. Didn´t hear any other accents than Americans but it seems like there is a huge Scottish community in California. Lots of different clans. A little pricey to get in, $22 admission, $15 to park, and of course the food was not cheap either. I think we paid $10 for a beer and $10 for a hot dog. Ouch. The admission did include a visit to Queen Mary which is docked at the harbour, right next to the festival. It did feel a little European - they sold beer and whiskey at quite a few places. Last year when I went to OC fair it was easier to buy a gun than a pint.

Giant sausages. A lot bigger in reality than in the picture.

Queen Mary

Plenty of Games were going on

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