09 February 2013

Robertson Blvd & The Ivy

It has been miserable weather all week - yes, even only a few days a year, we do get it - and we decided to pop up to LA to have lunch with Beth. This might sound silly but since it hardly ever rains i had to think twice before switching on the windscreen wipers in the car. When it rains here, it usually does so during night time or early morning. We have no umbrellas and I can't really remember ever needing one so it took me by surprise when we had to drive in rain.

Robertson Blvd is a great place to meet: easy to find, a couple of shops, easy to park, lots of lunch places about and close to the Beverly Center if you are in a shopping mood.

We picked the Ivy for lunch, it didn't look very busy and we got a table straight away. By the way, you get free champagne while waiting for your table. That explains the pricy menu, haha. Not sure I can justify a lobster salad for $34 dollars. Not a bad little place. No celebrities in sight but plenty of Christian Louboutain shoes and other fancy people.

Unfortunately Emily was not in an eating mood. Normally she loves eating out but this time it did not go down too well. I bet The ivy has banned childen now. I am pretty sure they have. The mess on the floor / consisting of pasta, chewed sausage, raisins and cutlery was quite serious.

Downtown LA, stuck in traffic.

The Ivy

Robsertson Blvd

A favourite - Kitson Kids!

Just outside the Kitson Kids store we saw a paparazzi hiding, he must have spotted someone. So now I know what they look like. Greasy hair, unshaved, looking like they haven´t slept for days...

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