21 February 2013

Anaheim Ducks

We went to see the Ducks play the other night. Last year we put a bid in for the tickets at a fundraising event for the Swedish school and we won, unfortunately the lock out came inbetween but now we finally made it. Great tickets, first row, preferred parking right outside the building. You know when you normally go to a game of any sport at a big stadium, loong queues and a apin to get both in and out. This time, nada. The Honda stadium in Anaheim was quite impressive. Felt new and modern. Don´t think hubby was impressed though when he had to fork out 10 bucks for a beer.
I think the last game of ice hockey we watched was Brynäs in Gävle a good few years ago. Eventhough ice hockey is great to watch in Sweden, the Americans are a little superior when it comes to being loud and entertain. Last NHL game was Pens in Pittsburgh, their fans are just a little more passionate than the ducks´.

Skimpy dressed girls cleaning the ice. Doubt this would work in Sweden, hihi

Ducks ended up winning 3-2 agains Columbus, it was a good, close game. First thing I always do when watching a NHL game is to look up how many Swedes they have. Ducks have two, the goal keeper (first is Swiss, second Swedish) and another player.

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Taina said...

Jag har varit på en NHL match här eftersom mn tremänning spelar i Islanders. Nog var det underhållning allt. Och en hel del bråk mellan spelarna. Men det var kul att se.

Jag har också varit på en Brynäs match. Bodde ju i Hofors ett tag...