23 March 2012

Happy Friday!

Finally Friday, phew! What a week. I have just about recovered from the super cold I caught last weekend. Talking about last weekend, the most exciting thing I did was probably the food shopping at Costco's on the Saturday. Sunday was spent on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. I had forgotten how much colds suck. There is so much else to do than recovering from such a unnecessary thing. Unfortunately Emily also caught it, Gymboree playgroup and swimming lessens had to get cancelled.

I learnt this week men can shop. Wow. Our dear friend Irfan is here and we have been all over the place. You name it, Fashion Island, South Coast Plaza, Spectrum..I am completely shopped out, though I do need to sneak out on Sunday to do some shopping myself. I only buy things that I know will fit when I am out with Emily, or, items I think will fit. I think I only have 3 pairs of socks and 2 jumpers and no jeans that fits me in the wardrobe and hoping for flip flop weather in Europe is most likely a little too optimistic. This time next week I will be in Leverkusen meeting up with some very much missed colleagues and of course in the evening, a good catch up with friends - sooooooooooooo looking forward to it!

We have also had some great lunches this week

Ruby's along PCH at Crystal Cove. No lunch but I had a third of a very delicious strawberry milkshake, A third because it is a real calorie bomb :)

The Deck in Laguna Beach. Mahi tacos, yum! Unfortunately or should I say typically the sun came out just as we had finished our meal. Nice little cute place on the beach. Big minues for the stairs and the elevater out of order.
Time to pick the lads up and head out for lunch!

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