12 January 2013

Weekend is within reach!

Slowly, we are back in reality. Not getting much sleep (babs is teething, evil evil teething). It has been a long, long week. Phew.

  • Still trying to get used to 2013. 2012 was such an overwhelming year. First year as parents. And we survived it. The first three months were a real drag. I kept thinking, had I known how hard it would be, I may had say no to kids. In the meanwhile, one year olds are so much more fun than newborns. I remember how I kept googling exactly a year ago - " it must get better?". Yep, it did.
  • How am I not supposed to gain wait when there is chocolate all over the house? Bad chocolate. Not just any chocolate, Ferrero Rocher. Little devils. Know what I mean? They are screaming "eat me".
  • I am done with the cold. 3 weeks of winter and cold - just what I needed. Lots of tea and cozy nights in on the sofa. Now: sun, please come out again, I am ready for the summer. This winter showed up late but it seems to be a lot colder than last year's.
  • Suddenly there are lots of good films out there. Don´t know where to start. Lincoln, Les Miserables just to name two.
  • I have missed Mexican food soooo much. Give me more! Currently I could have enchiladas, tacos, quesidillas every night. And so we are. Nearly. Both cooking and take outs. May have to ditch our long time favourite La Sirena though, NOT living up to their standards at the moment.
  • FLU. So tired of watching the news. YES, it is flu season, and people are getting it. But comparing it to terror attacks (what if this was a terror attack...how would we react, blah blah), yawn. And let's not get started about the advertisement in the supermarkets about the shots. Must be a great business. In this family we not take the shot. Never. No flu shots. And we never have the flu.
For some reason I cannot upload photos at the moment. Looks like I have to dig out the old laptop and see if it is this crapy Dell or blogger that is messing about.

Happy weekend!


Desiree said...

Skönt att vara tillbaka i solen. Här lär vintern pågå länge till. Själv är jag glad att jag flyttar söder ut. Våren borde komma lite tidigare där. C fick influensa då vi bodde i Alabama ett år och sedan dess har jag tagit influensa sprutan varje år. Mexikansk mat är supergod. Kommer ni stanna längre i USA så att det blir något år till. Jag känner att 2013 kommer bli ett bra år. Hoppas ni också får en fint 2013.

Jane said...

Våren kommer nog mycket tidigare i Schweiz, tänk att du flyttar snart!
Ja du, den eviga frågan, haha, jag vet inte, vi går och funderar.