23 March 2013

Date Night

Another date night! Headed to Irvine Spectrum last night for some food and cinema. We went to another Italian restaurant and were initially going to see the Wizard of Oz, however, we were surprised by getting a table straight away without the normal one hour wait on a Friday night so we finished our meal a lot earlier than expected and couldn´t be bothered to wait until it started. Instead we picked Olympus has fallen, an action packed film with Morgan Freeman and Gerald Butler. I assume most of the audience thought the movie was real and it wouldn´t surprise me if one or two people cried during the last ten minutes (God bless America, we will always stick together, blah blah). A little too much for my likings. The White House gets hijacked and you know the rest, one hero, crying women and so on. Yikes.

The food? It was ok. Better than the last place but come one, hummus? Not so Italian. I don´t understand why so many restaurants feel the need to do too much with their menues. Normal pizza is fine. I don´t need fennel sausage and fancy ingredients in my salads. Nor hummus. Just plain, nice food. I rather have oilve oil with my bread than horseradish with my salami. We shared some cheese and salami for a starter which was fine, had two small pizzas and shared a salad. It passed but only just. Nice venue where you can enjoy some starters and a glass of wine with friends, but not expect too much of the food.

Yum. Starter was nice.

I did spot a new Japanese restaurant last night, where we definitely will be going very soon. The Japanese food around here is excellent, we are getting really spoiled.


Desiree said...

Mmmm förrätten här ser jättegod ut. Stort grattis till nya familjemedlemmen som kommer i juni. Jag hoppas även att det ordnar sig på ett bra sätt så att ni vet snart om ni kommer att stanna i USA lite längre eller flytta tillbaka till Tyskland. Har ni kvar lägenhet i tyskland eller hyr ni ny eller kollar in hus?
Men jobbigt att inte veta exakt eller om ni kommer att flytta och inte kunna bestämma själv. Men jag hoppas som sagt att ni får reda på detta så snart som möjligt. Vet hur jobbigt det kan vara att leva med ovisshet och inte kunna plannera.

Jane said...

tyvärr så ser det ut som om vi måste flytta tillbaka till Tyskland inom två veckor. The joy of American employers.