03 December 2012

Las Vegas

The drive to Vegas went quite smoothly apart from the fact we had to drive to LAX to pick up some missing suitcase. Just a short detour. The in-laws arrived safe and sound minus their suitcases and a big boo for British Airways for having no customer service hotline. After googling for any number to BA I phoned the executive club which then forwarded us to a "real person" who told us the suitcases had arrived and would be delivered. The cut a long story short, we decided it was quicker to drive up and get the luggage ourselves than wait for it.

Took us a little over five hours before we arrived at Bellagio, we stopped at a real 50´s diner on the way for lunch. Once arrived in Vegas, this time we liked it a little better. No culture shock, LOL. There were no expectations this time nor stress to wander around and see everything. Plus, when we were there in 2005, it was over 40 degrees C so we were sweating our pants off, literally.

I remember how disappointed I was when I walked into one of the casinos back then and realized it was nothing like in Europe. No suits, ties or dresses. Instead, lots of overweight middle class in flip flops and shorts. This time I knew what to expect but got a wake up call when someone blew smoke in my face at the roulette table. I am in Nevada and people still smoke here! A big minus for Vegas!! Not used to cigarette smoke anymore.

Bellagio was much nicer than New York New York where we stayed last time. Not as crowded and not as loud. However, if I go with kids again, perhaps a hotel without a casino would be better. Location was also spot on and you cannot get tired of watching the fountain at the front.

My favourites are roulette and slot machines (though nowadays you can call them card machines, no coins anymore( and lucky me one a total of $ 300 within an hour. Responsible parent as I am, I stopped gambling and went to bed.

                                                                          Team Clarke



                                                          Fountain outside the Bellagio

Unfortunately I have misplaced my battery charger for the camera so these were all taken with the iphone, unfortunately.


Desiree said...

Håller med dig om att man inte kan tröttna på det vackra fontän spelet som Bellagio har i första hand. Vi bodde också på Bellagio då vi var i Vegas. Underbart hotel. Grattis till vinsten. Inte illa att vinna 300 dollar. Perfekt med lite extra cash till julshoppingen. Tycker du har fått fina foton med din mobilkamera. Åh vad kul att ni också stannade till och fick chansen att äta lunch på en äkta 50-tals diner. Det skulle jag gärna prova på någon gång.
Himla fin bild på er tre som team Clark.

Jane said...

Tack, Vegas var bättre den här gången, och jag är stolt över att jag inte forsatte spela, haha.